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FAQs – Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen

You can sell products in the following categories:
Baby & Child, Home Improvement & Garden, Beauty & Wellness Appliances, Bedding, Books, Computer & Console, Computer & Console Accessories, Beauty, Large Electrical Appliances, Photography, Photography Accessories, Luggage, Health & Care, Cell Phone & Telephone, Cell Phone & Telephone Accessories, Children's Furniture, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Kitchen & Household Appliances, Kitchen & Household Appliances Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Furniture, Tires, Video Games, Toys, TV & Electronics, TV & Electronics Accessories, Watches, Smart Home
You can not sell products that are illegal, illegally marketed, or prohibited by other CHECK24 policies. This includes prescription drugs, illicit drugs, firearms, ammunition, tobacco, juvenile or sexually objectionable products. In addition, on the CHECK24 marketplace only new products (no B-commodity or second-hand goods) may be offered.
  • You can register for free and without obligation via the following link: https://merchantcenter.check24.de/registration/
  • You will then be forwarded directly to the partner portal, where you can store all important data independently. An offer feed of yours tells us which products you would like to sell with us. Detailed instructions can be found on the corresponding page in the partner portal.
  • We activate your shop after a short check of your data and your offers will be listed on the CHECK24 homepage.

You can provide CHECK24 with your products via an import file. The CSV file can be made available via either a web server or an FTP server (we update every 5-60 minutes).

To make integration of offers as easy as possible, you can provide the data export file as a CSV file.

You are already connected to a price comparison platform

In most cases CHECK24 can also work with export files for these platforms.     Currently, files from the following platforms are supported:





All offers from your CSV feed, which CHECK24 already has in its assortment, are automatically displayed on the CHECK24 marketplace.

You can find your FTP access data in the order transmission settings. Select the option "Interface connection". On the following page you can choose your suitable option from the displayed shop systems, middleware and ERP systems. By clicking on the option that suits you, you can access the connection details with your FTP access data under "Your interface access data". You enter these into your system accordingly in order to connect to CHECK24.

In the video tutorial, we will show you more information about your FTP access data and how you can find them quickly and easily in the partner portal.

For example, if you If you discover price or inventory errors in your offer feed, you can deactivate your shop in your communication settings. To do this, please click on the checkmark next to "Shop is active" under "List of offers on CHECK24". Your shop will be inactive within approx. 2 minutes and your items will be temporarily removed from the marketplace.

Please note that to reactivate your shop you have to contact the partner management of CHECK24 Shopping or your individual shop manager.

In the video tutorial we will show you how you can deactivate your shop quickly and easily in the partner portal.

CHECK24 receives a price reduction from you for the sale. The conditions for the individual categories are listed here. The price reduction is only charged for completed orders. Thus no risk arises for you. There are no basic or setting fees.

The price reduction is applied to the total revenue from the sale, including product price, shipping and handling charges, and other services including taxes and duties.

You sell a digital camera for EUR 198,00 and you also want to charge the buyer EUR 2,00 for shipping costs. The proceeds from the sale amount to EUR 200.00.

Sales price calculation (5% for electronics)
EUR 200,00 * 5,00% = EUR 10,00

Any order that we send to you, you can send directly. CHECK24 takes care of all the details and takes over the Fraud Management.
The order can be submitted in two ways.

Submission via email and manual transfer to your shop system
For each submitted order, you will receive an email with a link to the order in the CHECK24 partner area. All relevant order data are stored here. You can copy these manually into your shop system.

Interface to your shop system (API):
The order data are made available via XML file on an FTP server and then automatically transferred via the interface to your shop system. For many standard shop systems ( eg OXID, Shopware, Plenty Markets ) we can provide you with free interface modules. In addition, many third-party providers offer additional interfaces - we are happy to arrange a contact.

You must keep CHECK24 informed of any status changes.

The refund to the buyer is made by CHECK24 only after the shop has approved it.
The receipt of a return must be directly confirmed by the shop and the amount of the credit to be paid.

There are two ways to confirm a cancellation or return.

By email:
Just answer the cancellation / return request or send a confirmation email (for example, from your shop system) to the alias email address provided with the order.

In your CHECK24 partner portal:
Confirm the successful cancellation or return directly in the CHECK24 partner portal

You can contact the customer using the email address provided when placing the order, or respond directly to our status emails. In addition, you have the option of sending messages directly from your CHECK24 partner area.
The complete return process (creation of the return label, acceptance of the return, etc.) will be handled by you. After a return request, simply send the return label to the email address provided with the order.
The complete remittance process takes place via CHECK24.

To make a partial refund to the customer, please send a message to the customer's alias email address via the order details page by clicking on the "Message to customer" button. In the input field for the message, tell us the amount to be reimbursed. Our customer support processes your message and forwards this information directly to our accounting department so that the payment can be made to the customer. Your original message about the partial refund does not reach the customer.

In the video tutorial, we show you how you can inform us of a partial refund quickly and easily in the partner portal.

You will only receive orders from us that have already been paid. The shipment can therefore be made immediately after receipt of order.
The payment process is completely via CHECK24, i. the end customer pays CHECK24. Your sales will be paid by us at biweekly intervals. The default risk (possibly dunning fees) is borne by CHECK24.
The payment of the credits takes place at the beginning of each month and in the middle of the month. Only completed orders will be paid out. An order is deemed to have been completed if the right of withdrawal of the end customer (14 days after dispatch) has expired. CHECK24 will transfer the amount to the bank account you have specified. You can view and download your billing at any time in the CHECK24 Partner Portal.

The return transfer in the cancellation or. Cancellation is via CHECK24. In case of cancellation we only need the information that the order has been canceled. In the case of cancellation, you must confirm the receipt of the returned goods in addition to the perfect condition of the goods.

Remittances will only be processed via CHECK24, even if a credit has already been paid out (eg extension of the withdrawal period for reasons of goodwill). In this case, the remittance will simply be charged in the next payout.

No, only completed orders will be charged. An order is deemed to have been completed if the right of revocation of the end customer has expired (14 days after dispatch).
You specify the shipping costs - the fees must however correspond to the shipping costs on your side. You can also manually deposit or adjust the shipping costs via the shipping costs configurator. If the shipping costs are calculated using a weight graduation, we need a column with the weight in addition to the default values in the data feed.

You can reach our partner hotline on 089 2424 1158 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 18:00

For questions about car tires and car accessories, please contact 089 - 200047 1526

Please contact your shop manager directly or send an email to partnermanagement@check24.de
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